I had a great day with two of my favorite people Natty and Lauren in Fishtown last week. We saw an instillation by Philadelphia Artist Amberella and thought it would be the perfect background for some pictures. My favorite moment is the picture of Natty with Lauren in the background giving ZERO fucks drinking out of a 32oz cup from Lukoil. This is the exact reason I love both of them.

I was checking out Amberella's website and read up on this particular project and found this beautiful quote from her talking about her work. I think it beautifully captures the essence of her haunting yet inspiring messages around the city for unsuspecting viewers to find. "The viewers experience is truly dependent on that persons own thoughts, experience, perception, personality, and a plethora of other factors. I just want to provide a moment in time for people to connect with themselves and their emotions. Feelings -all types- are so important. It means you are alive and present.”

Make sure you check out her work and visit her shop to promote Philadelphia Artists.